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Related article: Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 16:28:27 +1000 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men 11!!!!!!!!Warning!!!!!!I don't have any idea of these two players are gay, so don't go believing that they are. Its all made up fiction and I have no idea myself about their sexuality, so there! After DinnerDean Brogan was getting pretty tired. It had just gone 10:30pm when the last of the guys had left his house. He had invited half the team over for dinner and it seemed all of them were enthusiastic to come. He had cooked for some of his teammates before in a large group and was pretty happy with his accomplishment, so he decided to give it another whirl.Some of the guys had departed earlier in the evening and a couple had stayed to help clean up and do some of the dishes, for which Dean was grateful. It was the only drawback to cooking and entertaining: the clean up afterwards. Still the kitchen looked a sight better than an hour before and the rest of the place looked ok enough for him to hit the sack."Mate, am I tired!", he muttered to himself as he headed down the short hall toward his room. As he approached he thought he heard something coming from his spare room. He stopped for a moment and listened again. He didn't hear anything straight away and was about to move on when he did hear something - could it be a moan?Curious he took a few steps toward the door which was slightly ajar and listened again. It wasn't moans he heard this time but an occasional slurp and heavy breathing. "Who could this be and what are they doing?", he thought to himself. He stepped closer and peered past the door.To his great surprise, he saw his captain, Warren Treadrea (Tredders) standing near the bed facing away from him. There was someone sitting on the bed with his head in Tredders's crotch but Dean couldn't see who it was. He continued to watch hoping the two of them would move so he could see who the other person was. He soon got the chance as the one sitting down began to stand and Warren moved aside. Dean was surprised and pleased to see it was Daryl Wakelin.Dean had thought the two of them had left earlier along with many of the others. He didn't actually see them to the door as he and a few of the others had begun the clean up process so he just bade them goodnight and went to work on the dishes. They must have lagged back and then slipped down the hall to this room without being noticed.The captain had already lost his jeans and was standing with his thick meat sticking out of his jocks, glistening in the dim light of the room. Daryl stood and the two men in the room began to kiss passionately, their tongues eager to explore the mouth of the other. Daryl was still in his jeans with a prominent bulge in the the front of them. Warren dropped a hand to Daryl's crotch and began to rub the rock-hard slab under the fabric.Warren broke the kiss and dropped Preteen Girl straight down to Daryl's tented pants and began to lower the fly. He then loosened the belt and let the jeans fall half way down. Daryls speedos had a wet patch on the front by now and Warren smiled as he began to lick and suck around the spot.Daryl breathed deeply, loving the sensations he was experiencing. He lifted his t-shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor, returning his gaze to his captain on his knees in front of him.Warren reached up and lowered the speedos letting Daryl's prick spring free: a 6-inch uncut beauty with a fresh but masculine smell to it. Warren fondled the sack at the base of the shaft while tracing his tongue around the head which had pretty much cleared the foreskin. Then he dived down, enveloping Daryl's meat in his warm mouth in one swoop.Daryl gasped at the heat Tredders's mouth emitted and gave a quiet moan as the skipper went to work on his cock. His hands moved round to the back of Daryl's thighs, rubbing round the legs and over his glutes.Dean was seriously turned on. He hadn't been with any guy for a long time as no one at the club knew about his sexual interest and he wasn't about to tell them. Although there were several guys he was keen on, he kept it to himself and had to content himself with jerking off at home to the images of the guys in showers or changing.He began to rub his growing member through his pants as he watched the action going on in the bedroom. He didn't want them to stop and thought if he tried to open the door any further, they might see him and pick up and leave.By this time, Daryl's moans had become more frequent and a little louder. He stopped Warren for a moment and stepped out of his jeans and speedos. Warren did the same with his shirt and jocks but pretty soon was suckling on Daryl's throbbing member again.Dean took his cue and stepped away to his room. There, he lost his shirt and pants but kept his own speedos on before creeping back to the doorway to continue watching. He hadn't missed much - Warren was still on his knees but now Daryl was lying back on the bed, his hands moving and rubbing his chest and nipples.Warren and Daryl were obviouly trying to keep their activity quiet but they didn't know that the house was empty except for the owner. Daryl couldn't contain himself though when Warren began to massage his hot and eager hole and let out a louder moan. "Like that, do you?", he asked coming up of Daryl's rod and looking up at him."Oh man, this is so hot! Come on, mate, shove that finger in me!", pleaded Daryl, "Get me ready for your cock!"Warren smiled as he slowly pushed is finger deep into Daryl's canal. When it was in a good way, he began to move it back and forth, twisting it around and feeling for the older man's prostate. He gently massaged it which elicited more groans from Daryl and a pearl of pre-cum from the head of his prick. He leaned forward and traced his tongue up the underside of the shaft and licked the drop from the slit and the top. He did this a few more times, continuing to fuck the hole with his finger."You ready for the real thing?", asked Warren."Man, I can't wait!", replied Daryl, "It feels like ages since I've had a good pounding"Dean was taken aback. Daryl had fucked around with other people? He wished he'd known sooner as he'd be keen to give his teammate a good working over. By this time, Dean had his prick out of his speedos and was gently wanking. He didn't want to go to quick in case he shot his own load off before the show had finished.Daryl moved back a bit on the bed while Warren stood and proceded to kneel on the bed. Daryl quickly grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and stuffed it under his bum to raise him up higher. Warren raised Daryl's legs up to put them on his broad shoulders and then moved closer, bringing his raging hard on to its target. Dean's eyes grew wider as he finally saw his skippers member - a fat 8" uncut piece of prime meat.Tredders lined up to Daryl's winking hole and pressed the fat head against the opening, his cock providing the lube for the assault. Then he pushed in slowly, allowing the soft but tight canal enclose around his shaft. Preteen Girl He closed his eyes and continued forward, while Daryl moaned in delight. Finally, he hit bottom: his pubes pressed up against Daryl's balls and his own balls mashed against his teammate's arse. He left it there for a moment allowing Daryl to get used to the girth and leaned forward to kiss his lover.Dean couldn't resist anymore. He silently opened the door and crept in, pleased with his choice of thick carpet on the floor which killed any sound of footsteps. He stayed behind the two men and stopped at Tredders's firm bum. He breathed quietly and shallow and reached out a trembling hand toward his skipper, who was still kissing Daryl deeply.Dean gently laid his hand on the captain's arse cheek and began to rub and massage it. Warren turned to see who it was and was greeted by the sight of a naked Dean Brogan."Care to join us?", the captain said smilingDean could only nod and continued to massage his skipper's backside, transfixed, his other hand still wanking his own 8" cut prong."You wanted a good pounding, didn't you?", Tredders said to Daryl."Fuck, yeah!!", he exclaimed in response."Good, 'cause I want one, too. Get up here, Dean, and fill me up."Dean didn't need to be told twice. He stepped up onto the bed and semi-crouched behind his captain, slicking up his tool as he went. He lowered himself into position and placed the head at the entrance. He felt the hole relax and, as if drawn in, he began to fill Warren's chute in one stroke, bottoming out and adding his weight to that on top of Daryl. All three men moaned as Dean settled on top, the heat and tightness of Tredders' love hole almost bringing him off.Finally, Dean starts to stroke in and out, pushing Warren's meat further into Daryl on the down stroke. Daryl feels Warren's cock press into his prostate and waves of pleasure wash over him.Dean begins to pick up speed and soon is piledriving his cock in and out of Tredders' tunnel. He grips his captain's hips and slams home again and again, bringing himself closer and closer to a nut-busting orgasm.Warren is getting double stimulated. Not only is his cock buried balls deep in Wakelin's tunnel of love, but his prostate is being pounded by Brogan's might ramrod. He feels a sea of come start to rise in his balls and knows he will shoot any second.All three start to moan as impending climaxes build up in each of them. But it's Tredders who hits it first."AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!", he cries out as he dumps a massive load up into Daryl's fiery inards. He pumps in and out a Preteen Girl few times, grunting as he finises depositing his slick cum in the canal.The added pounding is too much for Daryl."OH FUCK, YESSSSS!!", he bellows as his prick erupts in hot, thick ropes of cum. He blasts all over his and Warren's Preteen Girl chest, soaking them in scalding juice.Finally, Dean starts to release a few weeks of pent up cum."I'M CUMMING!!!" Dean screams and with a roar explodes inside his captain's clenching hole, shooting so much that it bursts out the sides around his shaft. Warren grunts as he feels his insides filled to overflowing and as it runs down over his balls, his muscles milking the last drops out.They almost collapse in a heap, panting and sweating from the exertion. Finally, Dean pulls out and releases the other two from underneath him.Warren then withdraws from Daryl's arse and rolls over to lie next to him, Dean taking the other side. They lie there for a few minutes recovering when Daryl looks over to see that Dean's power tower hasn't gone down."You up for round two?", asked Daryl with a grin.
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